Pronating to injury and Dinner menu!

I’ve had a nagging foot injury that I thought was achilles tendonitis for a few months. It wasn’t holding me back from running so I kept doing it and icing it afterwards. In the last week though, I started having trouble putting weight on it!  I thought maybe it was a stress fracture, since treating for achilles tendonitis wasn’t successful, and ended up going to the doctor since it hurt to walk on it! It turns out I’m over-pronating so severely with a flat foot that it is pulling and injuring a tendon in my foot. No running until this improves which is brutal in this awesome fall weather!  Here’s a picture of where it’s being pulled and how my foot is landing:

Screenshot 2014-10-26 12.42.48

Yikes! Right after the doctor I went right to get new shoes with arch support for the flat foot.  I was running in the wrong shoes for a while :( Even swimming (the kick) hurts, so I can only pull. Instead I’ve been lifting heavy weights and doing the elliptical machine. Have you had an injury? Have you done any pool running? What have been your alternate exercises?  Thanks to Blonde Ponytail for posting these great workouts to change it up! I had to sub in for the running, but these are great for runners! Check out more here.

Screenshot 2014-10-26 13.03.25

Meal Planning this week ~ 

Sunday – meatless & meatballs with pasta
Monday – Husband prepared pulled pork in the crockpot
Tuesday – Zucchini Spiralized with Kale Pesto (just found this site from Laura at Mommy Run Fast!)
Wednesday –   Quiche or egg frittata
Thursday – something like this butternut squash casserole looks good, but still looking for butternut squash recommendations
Friday  – pita pizza!
Saturday – out

What are you cooking?

Some TBT pictures from fall

Screenshot 2014-10-26 12.59.01 Screenshot 2014-10-26 12.59.50




and one of the professional pics from my sister’s wedding. Love the colors!Screenshot 2014-10-26 12.59.16

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Check it out: The Juice Philly

The Juice Philly is a new pop up juice shop offering homemade juices in Ball Jars.  The owner/founder Katie, a local runner (and one of my sister’s good friends!), saw how changing her diet into primarily raw foods, mostly plant-based, gluten and dairy free, changed how she felt daily and her running performance.
 Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.48.38 PM

I tried “Shake your Mango Maker”  (far left in picture) during a weekend of drinking for my sister’s bachelorette party. It was a green juice: I would call it a smoothie more than a juice – I could taste the mango, but no greens, which is what you want from a smoothie!   It was a great trade off and balancer from the alcohol :) Also had great consistency and totally filling.  Some of her add ins are VEGA, maca powder, and chia seeds.  I also love looking at her ingredients and the nutrients they provide on this fun page.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.47.18 PM

On the wedding morning, I had a Beets & Berries. That’s the bride, my sister in the middle, and Katie and I on either side. I’m still craving that one! I also tried mango/cilantro/spinach.  The 16oz smoothie which I downed around 9am kept me full until well after the ceremony (3pm!)

I love Katie’s attention to detail and creativity with the names of the drinks, cute straws and design.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.46.08 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.46.03 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.53.40 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.54.42 PM

Currently they are offering two Detox Programs that are 1-3 days long:

3 smoothies (+raw, plant based food items) $38, or $45 with add on option below
6 smoothies (no food)   $75 – $90 based on menu choice.
*Add on: grocery consultation, recipe support, ingredient delivery and/or meal prep into your customized Detox Program.


A smoothie-based detox is a great way to reset and rejuvenate your digestion schedule, leaving you feeling refreshed, regenerated, and energized. The smoothies are designed to allow your body to quickly assimilate the benefits in each nutrient-dense ingredient, while also maintaining the fiber character that’s inherent to the fruits and vegetables (something that the cold press process that’s normally associated with a cleanse usually discards).”

The Juice has a fridge at Plank Studio in Wayne starting October 29, and is affiliated with Hub Bub Coffee and Barre Focus Fitness in Haverford.

Saturday, October 25th at Lululemon in Wayne
Sunday, October 26th at Cross Fit 2nd Street in South Philly
Wednesday, October 29th at Planks 6 month Anniversary Party
Friday, Halloween, at Barre Focus Fitness
Keep up with the juice on Instagram and Facebook!

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What are you giving out for Halloween?

I might give out Fruit Leather this year – I don’t want the candy in my house, and the other thing I just thought about was how scary Halloween is for parents with allergies (and kids with allergies)!  I was thinking fruity candies or fruit leather!  Both are horrible for your teeth so we might be “that house” that gives out fruit leather. I’d appreciate it in my kids treat bags!

Here are some fun Halloween Stats brought to you by Block Island Organics.


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Meals and recipes – fall is here!

I don’t know about you but the chilly weather arrived yesterday with highs in the 50s, which has me wanting soups and warm foods!  And fall being pumpkin season I have been buying pumpkin and seeking out recipes to make that happen!

Here are some of the recipes I’m making lately –>

Self frosting nutella pumpkin muffins -
yum! I omitted the white sugar (accidentally) and added chocolate chips (not an accident)!
Mine does not look like this – photo from the linked website. Still very yummy!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 3.28.12 PM

Lentil taco yumminess
I’m into the mexican scene right now. Taco night every week! The kids didn’t go near this but it turned out to be a good dinner as a bowl of soup/beans with sour cream and guac on top!  Maybe a good nacho topping for vegetarians??  It’s not pretty looking so I didn’t take a picture!


Quick dinners – 

Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs – my kids will eat these!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.02.55 PM

And this looks lovely – one I want to try from weelicious! CARAMEL POPCORN

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.06.10 PM

Caramel/butterscotch is totally my weakness and favorite thing!
I made one last batch of sea salt caramel ice cream this weekend for the season :)

Workout wise, I tried out the smith press over the weekend for some squats motivated by Blonde Ponytail!

And last, my little turned 2 1/2 over the weekend! She loves dolls right now – and balls as dolls.
On the bed – our bedtime routine :)

IMG_0700 IMG_0743
What are you cooking this fall?


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Gymboree Playproof by Nanotex review

We tried out the Gymboree Playproof line, which is a uniform line that Gymboree started carrying this back-to-school season.  The clothes are made with Nanotex.

Screenshot 2014-10-14 19.49.58
Some of the features of the Nanotex line include:

  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Releases Stains in the Wash
  • Breathes Easily

These are made of quality material that seems to stand up well. We did not get to put them to the true test of multiple washes and running all around in them daily because my kids don’t wear uniforms to school, but they would be great for dress up!

For the boys -

Long sleeve polo shirt – comfortable, light, and good looking! The long sleeve polo shirt is preppy and nice. Currently on sale for $14.99.

Screenshot 2014-10-14 18.19.58

Light twill pants – these come with a cute belt, are comfortable and light. We didn’t put them to the stain test, but the fabric is quality and I’m confident it would hold up well with all that boys would put it through! These are currently on sale for $14.99

Screenshot 2014-10-14 18.21.15


I also liked these two items and I like that the shorts/pants come with the belts already attached.

Screenshot 2014-10-14 18.57.17 Screenshot 2014-10-14 18.57.34

For the girls:

Short sleeve polo: Customized for a girl, I love the cap sleeves and rounded collar for a girly look. The fabric seems to hold up well.   Currently on sale for $14.99.

Screenshot 2014-10-14 19.00.44

Ribbon Belt Twill Pants: These are so cute! Love the girly belt which matches the inside lining of the polo.  Nice fabric on these as well.  Currently on sale for $14.99.

Screenshot 2014-10-14 19.00.32


I also favorited these items:

Twirl skirt

Screenshot 2014-10-14 19.03.57

Ribbon Belt Twill Pants

Screenshot 2014-10-14 19.04.49

Uniform Skort:

Screenshot 2014-10-14 19.09.42


The line is really cute, made well and versatile!

My 4-year old modeling the pants and polo.

Screenshot 2014-10-14 19.15.11 Screenshot 2014-10-14 19.15.18




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AIRIA Running Shoes Review

Airia ONE


IMG_0137 IMG_0138 IMG_0139

I was sent a pair of the Airia One sneakers ($190) to review.  The Airia One sneakers were designed to be a minimalist shoe with the sole designed by Vibram who creates the barefoot running shoes.  The shoes are very light, with breathable mesh and have a unique design with an irregular and sharply angled sole and upward-pointing toe.   Research was conducted to develop the angles and with the goal of maximizing responsiveness for runners.

“Airia One has an asymmetric design which combines a zero drop with a 6 mm drop sole. This allows you to run with less ground contact time and helps to keep the power in the stride more in line with the running direction.”

The shoes are only for running – not meant for walking. If you go to the website, the shoes boast that they”can help you run faster” and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

My experience

These were hard to adjust to! When I took my first steps, they felt very awkward with the odd angled soles. I did not feel like I was running barefoot because of the soles, but I felt like I was forced to land on my mid-foot. After a few miles, I seemed to settle into a natural stride and feel more natural.  After my first run of 3 miles, I was sore in all different places.  I pronate, and I felt like I was pronating even more as a result of the shoes.  I missed my standard sneakers and was afraid to run in these for more than a 4-miler.

I feel like these would be a great shoe for a neutral runner that wants to improve speed.  If you enjoy the bare minimum or want to try out a middle ground between barefoot running and running with sneakers, give these a shot!


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Happy National Child Health Day!

New US research proves fit bodies lead to fit minds in children. Keep kids active and get them moving.
Today is National Child Health Day and October is also National Child Health Month!

Kansas City Royal’s Nutritionist, MITZI DULAN, developed an exciting family physical activity program called 60 Minutes of Motion that’s available nationwide as a free download starting today! (click!)  60 Minutes of Motion is a deck of 25 cards that kids can mix and match to get active! Families and kids can follow the directions to stay active for 60 minutes or choose a few based on how much time they have available. The goal is for kids to be active for 60 minutes each day.

In the 2013 National Child Health Day proclamation, President Obama said,

Whether by providing a balanced meal, encouraging physical activity, or empowering our children to make healthy decisions, each of us can teach our kids about nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyles.”

In honor of National Child Health Day, I was sent a fun CLIF KID package encouraging active kids with 60 Minutes of Motion, 2 dies, a Camelbak waterbottle and clif z protein bars.


The deck of cards contains:

  • 10 Motion Cards: one minute bursts of motion with a movement such as star jumps, crab walks & toe touches
  • 5 Activity Cards: 10 minutes long activities to do solo or with a partner/family/friends
  • 5 Adventure Cards:
  • 2 Game Cards:
  • 1 Snack and 1 Hydration Card: tips on how to nourish yourself before, during and after outdoor play.

What did the kids think? We played outside and did the deck for a few rounds.

Screenshot 2014-09-30 20.59.36 Screenshot 2014-09-30 20.59.49 Screenshot 2014-09-30 21.00.00 Screenshot 2014-09-30 21.00.07 Screenshot 2014-09-30 21.00.14 Screenshot 2014-09-30 21.00.19 Screenshot 2014-09-30 21.00.28 Screenshot 2014-09-30 21.00.35

Their favorite ones were star jumps, frog jumps, crab walk and mountain climbers.  Let me first say that it’s up to me at these ages (5,4,2) to get my kids outside and moving to encourage fitness, make healthy food choices based on what I stock in the house, and to lead a healthy lifestyle as a role model. This is a big role for parents, especially if you are the one at home with your kiddos!

My kids loved doing these activities and thought they were fun! We make it a point to be outside everyday.  Of course there are exceptions, but I grew up being active and honestly can’t sit still for very long. I find that active time to be so important! The kids enjoy running, riding bikes, taking walks, making up games in the driveway and yard and playing sports.  I love that CLIF encourages a healthy lifestyle and the 60 Minutes of Motion is a great resource for parents!

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